Hi! I'm Julie and I blog over at Orchid Grey, welcome to my closet!

Interested in purchasing an item? Here's how this works:
You send me an email, I send you a PayPal invoice, buyers have 24 hours to send payment, once I receive the payment, I send the item out to you! Buyers have 24 hours to send funds. If you see an item on hold, that means I'm waiting for payment from a buyer. All items are shipped priority, which is included in the cost of the item.



Why are you selling your clothes?

Selling my extra clothes here is easier that bringing them to a consignment store, and I can ship them directly to you! It has also come to my attention that my closet absolutely can not fit a single extra thing, so it's time to clean it out and ship it off.

Why not Etsy?

Although many items I sell on here are vintage, many are also new and therefore not allowed by Etsy.

How do I purchase an item?

If you would like to purchase an item, please email me a request. I will send you a money request via PayPal. Once the transaction is complete I will ship the item to you. Priority shipping is included in the cost of an item, but insurance is not. If you would like insurance please include this in your request and I will calculate the extra cost.
Please note:
Buyers have 24 hours to send funds, if funds are not received the item will be offered to the next interested buyer.
You do not need a PayPal account to send funds via PayPal just make sure your shipping address is correct.

What does it mean if an item is "On Hold"?
"On Hold" means that I am currently working with an interested buyer, but the transaction is incomplete. If a buyer decides not to purchase the item, I will contact the next interested buyer.

How do I know if an item will fit?
I will list the tag size of every item as well as the measurements of every item taken flat:
BUST is directly across the bust under the arms
WAIST is at the smallest part of the waist
HIP is at the largest part of the hip
SHOULDER TO HEM is the length of the piece
SHOULDER TO SHOULDER is taken directly across the shoulders
SLEEVE is taken from where the sleeve meets the body of the garment to the hem of the cuff.
It is vital to measure, measure, measure to ensure that the piece in question will fit you! Sometimes it is helpful to compare measurements to a similar garment you own. I do NOT accept returns!
How do I contact you if I want to purchase an item or have a question?
Just send me an email at: shoporchidgrey(a)gmail.com